Possible Variations Evolution How to obtain?

Purified ripple gaze
Icon element water 
Tier / Max Tier
4 / 5
Max Level

Possible Variations

Variation 1
Main Base Max
Attack 1010 1546
Properties Base Max
Slow Chance 10.5 10.5
Ongoing_Damage Water - -
Critical Chance 11 11
- -

Variation 2
Main Base Max
Attack 1051 1610
Properties Base Max
Hp_Per_Hit 13.05 16.75
Ongoing_Damage Water #N/A #N/A
Critical Chance 11 11

Variation 3
Main Base Max
Attack 1030 1578
Properties Base Max
Critical Damage 40 54.8
Ongoing_Damage Water
Critical Chance 11 11


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Ripple gaze
Purified ripple gaze
Tidal ripple gaze
Ripple Gaze Purified Ripple Gaze Tidal Ripple Gaze

How to evolve?

To evolve this item you will need the following elements :

2 Azure Demon Horn
1 Chromatic Crystal
2 Forsaken_T5_Light
1 Ancient Relic

How to obtain?

You can obtain this item from the following source :

X Mission of the same element
X Bounty Chest
X Gold Gear Chest
X Special Events
X Evolution

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