Possible Variations Evolution How to obtain?

Volcanic saber
Icon element fire 
Tier / Max Tier
4 / 5
Max Level

Possible Variations

Variation 1
Main Base Max
Attack 839 1274
Properties Base Max
Critical Hit Damage 40 55
Attack_Speed 1 75

Variation 2
Main Base Max
Attack 856 1300
Properties Base Max
Critical Hit Chance 11 11
Ongoing_Damage Fire 80 154

Variation 3
Main Base Max
Attack 873 1326
Properties Base Max
Health/Kill 39 50
Critical Hit Chance 11 11


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Infernal saber
Volcanic saber
Meteoric saber
Infernal Saber Volcanic Saber Meteoric Saber

How to evolve?

No evolution possible for this item

How to obtain?

You can obtain this item from the following source :

X Mission of the same element
X Bounty Chest
Gold Gear Chest
X Special Events

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